Online Courses for Virginia Teachers
in Partnership with the Virginia Geographic Alliance,
Prince William Network and Prince William County Public Schools

World Geography Connects is a series of self-paced courses for Virginia teachers taught by Dr. Don Zeigler, professor of geography. The courses are delivered online with assessment and interaction done at the supporting web site. World Geography Connects support the Virginia Standards of Learning for teaching World History and Geography, and are designed to help teachers incorporate more geography into the World History and Geography curriculum. The courses are offered Free to earn recertification points. Visit each course's web site below for more information and to register.

To 1500 A.D.

Fall 2017
Course Runs:
October 16 - November 27
September 4 - October 6

1500 AD to the Present

Spring 2018
Course Runs:
January 29 - March 9
December 18 - January 19

Contemporary Regions

Spring 2017
Course Runs:
January 30 - March 10
December 15 - January 20


U.S. History Connects is a self-paced course for Virginia teachers delivered online. It is open to all Virginia teachers as a free recertification course.

Next Session: Not Being Offered Until Further Notice

The purpose of U.S. History Connects is to give Virginia teachers additional knowledge and resources on U.S. history, with an emphasis on 20th century, that can be incorporated into their U.S. History curriculum. History Connects supports the Virginia Standards of Learning for teaching U.S. History.